Code Breaker!

Our Top Model Secret Diary and Ylvi and the Minimoomis Diary have been an absolute best seller! Over the last few weeks we have had many enquires as to how to reset the code. Unfortunately the instructions to do this are on the inside cover of the diary! So we thought we would help out any desperate children and parents to reset their codes! 

1.  In case you don't remember your code: press 1, 3 and 0 together at the same time and hold this combination for 4          seconds. 

2.  To reset your password press and hold the * button for 3 seconds immediately after the lock is opened.

3.   You will have 10 seconds to enter your new four-digit code. Press the hash tag sign to confirm the new password           and save it! 
Top Model Diary Plays a Tune 1799

Ylvi the Miminoomis Diary With Code Sound And Light 1799

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