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I can safely say that on many occasions I have attempted to throw and catch a boomerang! The throwing part is easy and actually the bringing back part works well if you have a dog! But I would really like to become an expert! So I've come across this clip of how exactly to succeed in the art of boomerang throwing....

Just in case you fancy the challenge, here's one just for you!

Ideas for Christmas!

Well folks, there's no point denying it any more, Christmas is creeping towards us at an alarming rate! To help you decide on which gift to buy we have compiled a selection of our favourite toys this year! Enjoy browsing our website if you have any queries or feed back drop us an email at or give us a call on 023 80849388! 
Make Your Own Bouncy Ball Kit 799
This is fab, creative, fun and the balls actually bounce! Priced at 7.99. 

Drinking Glasses 350
No New Years Eve party would be complete without some Drinking Glasses, only £3.50! 

Connect 4 Dunk 999
Those who remember the classic game Connect 4 will love this new version! Priced at £9.99. 

Djeco - Snowglobe Night Light Woodland Fawn 2999
So cute, this battery operated snow globe/night light by Djeco will make you feel cosy on a cold winters night! 
Topanifarm Stacking Blocks - Djeco 1699
These fantastic blocks by Djeco come with all the little animals who live in each cube! A great price at £16.99

Toy of the Week!

Well what a busy week we are having in Toys Ahoy so far! The most popular toy to date has to be...drum roll please....

A Traditional Marble Run

Don't forget folks, you can order online, pay for delivery or click and collect if you're local to Hythe, Southampton! See you soon! xx 

Stamp Collection!

Toys Ahoy in Hythe, loves anything and everything creative! Check out this Melissa & Doug Stamp Set to get the imagination going!

Monkeys, snakes, birds and bugs galore combine to create a jungle straight out of your imagination! This extra-large stamp set for kids makes it easy to create an exciting storyline or a colour-in scene: It includes 20 rubber-faced, wooden-handled outline stamps and a two-colour stamp pad filled with purple and green washable ink. Five coloured pencils coordinate with the jungle theme to add details and colour in the scene. It's a complete arts & crafts activity and storytelling kit in one!

Hopping Mad!

Didn't we all have or want a Retro Space Hopper as a child? I remember my sister and I racing up and down the garden on ours and making a somewhat challenging obstacle course,  which I'm sure resulted in a nose bleed! But we loved it! 

Here at Toys Ahoy, Hythe, Southampton we love anything retro and fun. Pop across and take a look! 

Moat-tastic Toy!

Across the drawbridge and entering Toys Ahoy in oh so sunny Hythe, Southampton,  we have discovered this fantastic Sandcastle Moat! Such a clever idea for using on the beach or at home in the garden.

Simply build a sandcastle and place your moat around it, fill it with water and float your boats! Why not add in a few ducks! A simple toy that inspires the imagination! Love it! 

Ice cream - At Toys Ahoy!

I'm not sure what the legal requirement is for consuming ice cream, but in this weather it must be unlimited! The weekend has been such a scorcher, ice cream played quite a large part!  

This wonderful ice cream set, by Melissa and Doug, is a fabulous way for children to play at eating and serving ice cream without the mess! 

All Things Retro - Yay Retro!

After browsing through my most favourite retro online shop, Yay Retro, I feel inspired to show you something full of retro fun here at Toys Ahoy! I remember as a child playing pin the tail on the donkey at most of my parties! The thought of sticking a pin into a donkey's bottom seemed somewhat hilarious at the time! 

Try out this fab version of the old time classic! 

What about this? So cute! Check out Yay Retro, such lovely bits and bobs! 

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