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Our online business is run from our toyshop! There is no big warehouse or factory involved! We are situated metres away from the sea, in the quaint village of Hythe in Hampshire.

Fun, Creative, Educational

Our toys are primarily fun and creative with an educational underpinning. We carefully pick and pack the toys, in order to deliver them to our customers efficiently.

Colourful, Wooden, Traditional

We specialise in colourful, well-made toys, many of which are wooden and traditional. We are constantly looking out for new ideas to ensure that our range is always fresh.

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Role Play: Grocery Market Sylvanian Families back to shop

Grocery Market Sylvanian Families (£29.99)

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Grocery Market Sylvanian Families

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Grocery Market.

Grocery Market features a brick wall and a green roof.

Grocery Market features a checkout counter and shelving, and comes with plenty of ingredients.
The included ingredients can all be placed on the shelves and played with.
A shopping basket is also included, allowing for more fun while shopping.
The ingredients on top of the counter can be moved into the bag by sliding the bar on the cash register.
The walls and flooring of the shop can be detached. Changing the direction they are installed changes the floor area both inside and outside the shop, providing plenty of fun in the new space.


Main Unit

  • Floor
  • Fence x 2
  • Shelf
  • Checkout Counter
  • Scanner
  • Shopping Basket
  • Personal Shopping Bag
  • Point Card
  • Egg x 2
  • Canned Item (Small) x 2
  • Milk x 2
  • Apple Juice
  • Orange Juice
  • Cracker x 2
  • Cereal x 2
  • Apple x 3
  • Paprika x 3
  • Lettuce x 2
  • Tomato x 3
  • Banana x 2
  • Orange x 3

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