Tried and Tested!

It's all very well selling lots of lovely toys but do we really know the impact they have on children? Take a good look around your house; bedrooms, playrooms, toy boxes etc. Are your children's toys actually being played with and used time and time again? 

Over the long summer holidays I have done some extensive research with my own children, Ruby aged seven and Patrick aged four! When I asked them whether they would like to test run a few toys for me you can imagine their disappointment!  What follows is an extensive guide to what they found interesting and fun!  


1.  This Power Popper was a total hit, literally! Even the dog joined in! 

2. Life doesn't get more exciting than making your own bouncy ball! What a hit this turned out to be! Fun colours and balls that actually bounce! 

3. This Space Peel & Press Mosaic was a firm favourite for both children! They concentrated hard to get the stickers in the right place and the end result was a fab picture to hang! A great addition to our Melissa & Doug collection! 

4. My Ruby (aged 7) just loves key rings! She carefully designed and scratched her six key rings and even gave one to her brother to try! A highly recommended arty idea! 

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