Toy of the Week!

Well what a busy week we are having in Toys Ahoy so far! The most popular toy to date has to be...drum roll please....

A Traditional Marble Run

Don't forget folks, you can order online, pay for delivery or click and collect if you're local to Hythe, Southampton! See you soon! xx 

Top 5 Preschool Toys from Toys Ahoy!

Children learn a lot of things in their preschool days that they will use for the rest of their lives. In preschool, boys and girls learn common communication skills, important motor skills, and the basics of reading, writing, and maths. Here at Toys Ahoy in Hythe, Southampton, we have compiled five of our top selling preschool toys!

1. A great lacing activity by Bigjigs Toys, to increase dexterity and concentration! 

A fun colour matching game that helps to teach number sequencing.

3.  Help out around the house with this great role play toy! 

4.  This lovely games promotes, observation, social skills and links with early learning goals. 

5.  Attach this friendly penguin to the fridge with the magnetic strip provided. A great way to start telling the time! 

Posted in News by Amanda on 08/02/2014

Distraction Techniques!

If you've ever tried persuading your child that you don't want them to do something, try persuading them that they don't want to go into a fun brightly coloured toy shop! We've seen all kinds of techniques through our window at Toys Ahoy! My absolute favourite.... on approaching the shop Dad says,  "Let's see who can run the fastest!" Success, children distracted and go flying past the shop! However, Dad forgets on the return, too late they're in!
If you do happen to stumble across us in sunny Hythe, either in person or online, we absolutely don't mind you popping in with your children (or without) for a play and a chat! 

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Stocking Fillers For Under £5!

At Toys Ahoy in Hythe we have a variety of pocket money toys for under £5! When I'm searching for stocking fillers my motto is always 'high impact, low price'!

Toys Ahoy have put together a selection of pocket money toys that any child would be happy to receive on the big day!

This Rubber Band Plane is a great price at £4.50! 

Try making your own snow! £3.99 

These Meerkat Pens are so cool! £3.99 

A Christmas stocking would not be complete without a Wooly Willy! £2.50 

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Over The Rainbow!

What a lovely view from the window at Toys Ahoy in Hythe! Our shop today is full of all the colours of a rainbow! Pop inside to take a look! 

Posted in News by Amanda on 28/10/2013

Stamp Collection!

Toys Ahoy in Hythe, loves anything and everything creative! Check out this Melissa & Doug Stamp Set to get the imagination going!

Monkeys, snakes, birds and bugs galore combine to create a jungle straight out of your imagination! This extra-large stamp set for kids makes it easy to create an exciting storyline or a colour-in scene: It includes 20 rubber-faced, wooden-handled outline stamps and a two-colour stamp pad filled with purple and green washable ink. Five coloured pencils coordinate with the jungle theme to add details and colour in the scene. It's a complete arts & crafts activity and storytelling kit in one!

Made In Britain!

It's so nice to find products that are 'Made In Britain'! These Roundabouts are made in Dorking, Surrey and have become one of our best sellers!

The roundabouts are ideal presents for decorating the nursery, a Christening present or just a traditional treat! 

These Christmas Roundabouts have just been added to the collection here at Toys Ahoy! 

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Down on the Farm!

Well, this weekend in our household we will be mostly loving animals! New Forest Wildlife Park is an ideal place for parties, Ruby is attending one this very morning and is ready to go! Tomorrow my son Patrick is hosting a party, with the help of Farmer Brian,  at Longdown Activity Farm for his fifth birthday, where he will feed animals, go on tractor rides and cuddle as many soft creatures as he can! 

Here at Toys Ahoy in Sunny Hythe, we have a great selection of all things farm

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Disney Infinity: Toy Box

Disney Launches Sandbox Creation Game 'Disney Infinity: Toy Box' for iPad!

Disney has launched Disney Infinity: Toy Box  for the iPad, a sandbox world creation game that acts as a companion to the recently released Disney Infinity title on gaming consoles, with content on both games enabled for platform transferring. The app includes over fifty free items for world creation, as well as multi-touch optimized controls and special toys that change various attributes in created worlds.

Captain Jack Sparrow can be in a sports car racing Dash, Sulley climbing mountains to find Cinderella’s Castle – create anything your imagination dreams of… Sync to your console game for complete cross-platform play, and unlock even more props, characters and decorations!


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Tried and Tested!

It's all very well selling lots of lovely toys but do we really know the impact they have on children? Take a good look around your house; bedrooms, playrooms, toy boxes etc. Are your children's toys actually being played with and used time and time again? 

Over the long summer holidays I have done some extensive research with my own children, Ruby aged seven and Patrick aged four! When I asked them whether they would like to test run a few toys for me you can imagine their disappointment!  What follows is an extensive guide to what they found interesting and fun!  


1.  This Power Popper was a total hit, literally! Even the dog joined in! 

2. Life doesn't get more exciting than making your own bouncy ball! What a hit this turned out to be! Fun colours and balls that actually bounce! 

3. This Space Peel & Press Mosaic was a firm favourite for both children! They concentrated hard to get the stickers in the right place and the end result was a fab picture to hang! A great addition to our Melissa & Doug collection! 

4. My Ruby (aged 7) just loves key rings! She carefully designed and scratched her six key rings and even gave one to her brother to try! A highly recommended arty idea! 

Posted in News by Amanda on 05/09/2013

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